Monday, April 29, 2013

Butterfly tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers and artists. Its beauty and intricacies have made it into a viable representation of the feminine nature. This may be the reason why most of them are on the bodies of women. They can be seen on arms and torso. The elegant pattern used made it very enticing to tattoo fans. However, among all other connections women have the deepest link to this tattoo design. This is not just because of the beauty it is known. There is a more considerable basis that should be considered.
There are many compelling reasons why butterfly tattoos are best suited for women. It can be contended that the creature it features has traits that are strikingly similar to women. Their variety, wonder and beauty are no different from what women are known for. The attitudes and usual way women act can be likened to the butterfly. However, more than the apparent traits of butterflies the elegance of the colors as well as their diversity can also be the same as the depth of personality and character women have.
There are many aspects to butterflies. They greatly vary from one another, both in appearance and nature. Each has a very interesting narrative behind how it came to being. These inherent traits that they possess make them creatures associated to femininity. This has led to butterfly tattoos being used to represent this notion. Women who opt to have this body art pattern agree with, affirm and exhibit this idea. This is one of the deeper motivations that are behind the intent to get this kind of tattoo.
There are many aspects of the nature of the butterfly that are not seen or widely known. They are very intriguing creatures in this sense. In fact, they are more known for their attributes that can be seen. When a person gets a butterfly tattoo it also symbolizes the idea that the said person is more than what other initially see. The idea of depth and being multi - faceted of butterflies is also linked to the same traits in women.
Radical changes and instant shifts are represented by butterfly tattoos. The metamorphosis of a pupa into a beautiful butterfly is akin to the transformation of a girl into a beautiful lady. The acquisition of beauty and the beauty of the nature of women are similar to the phases of change a butterfly undergoes. When ladies get this tattoo, this is a validation of another aspect of femininity. When this pattern is used it is meant to symbolize this, which is another important aspect of feminine nature.
Women opt for butterfly tattoos above other patterns because of their connections and references to the female nature and attributes. The reference of this body art to the intangible as well as a perceivable aspect of femininity is widely accepted. The elegance of butterfly tattoos, their diversity and intricate colors are deeply symbolic of the attributes that women are known for. These reasons are the foremost motivations of women in getting this particular design inscribed on their skin.

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